FDR 2017

Sag beim Abschied leise Servus

When It’s Time to Bid Farewell, Softly Say Goodbye: Georg Ritter and Leonhard Müllner developed a project that facilitates the most direct and fastest way out of a house: the escape from a safeguarded home.

Calls invite the population of Marchtrenk to leap off of a building of their choosing. These jumps take place under the professional guidance of stuntman Joe SFX. The goal is to turn the window of a living room or house into a springboard for an undiscovered feeling of freedom. It becomes a gesture of leaping out of one’s own nest, out of the confinement and into the wide world, or just into the town of Marchtrenk. What remains is the experience and the unorthodox manner of leaving a building: Marchtrenkians jumping out of windows.