Coop #5

Local Bühne Freistadt & Salzhof
* It’s high time to go to the cinema again. *

Coop #2

communale oö, Kulturformat des Landes OÖ
* It´s high time we experienced art and culture together. *

Coop #1

* Schäxpir – Theaterfestival für junges Publikum
* It´s high time we told magical stories. *

News #31

Dagmar Höss, Gerald Priewasser-Höller & Gerhard Dirmoser
* Dagmar: It´s high time to encourage conversations and to remember together. *
* Gerald: It’s high time, the future has already arrived! *
* Gerhard: It´s high time for the financial security of cultural food production. *

News #30

Sophia & Leah Hochedlinger und Gerald Harringer
* It’s high time, the railway transports people every day from A to B, to work, to the office, to home. Everything by rail. *

News #29

Peter Kozek, Florian Ron & Vanessa Mazanik
* It´s high time that we too live in Arcadia. *