417 project proposals for the Festival of Regions 2019 in Perg-Strudengau

With 417 submissions for projects and residencies from 40 countries, the Festival of Regions once again presents itself as a figurehead for advanced, cultural work away from urban agglomerations and cultural centers. The upcoming festival will be held for the first time under the artistic direction of Airan Berg.

The 2019 call for proposals at a glance:

A total of 417 projects and residencies were submitted. With 140 submissions, about one third of the artists come from Austria, while the majority of the projects (67%) are international.

The countries of origin at a glance (sorted by number of submissions):

Austria (140)
Germany (63)
Italy (25)
Spain (18)
Netherlands (16)
France (15)
Belgium (11)
Switzerland (10)
Great Britain (9)
Greece (8)
Russia (8)
Slovenia (8)
Turkey (8)
Australia (7)
Brazil (6)
Canada (6)
Croatia (6)
Bulgaria (5)
Israel (5)
Portugal (5)
Czech Republic (5)
USA (5)
Poland (3)
Sweden (3)
Zimbabwe (3)
Argentina (2)
Iran (2)
Malta (2)
South Africa (2)
Afghanistan (1)
Armenia (1)
Egypt (1)
Denmark (1)
Hong Kong (1)
Kenya (1)
Colombia (1)
Lebanon (1)
Macedonia (1)
Pakistan (1)
Romania (1)

The project selection will take place in two phases in July and August 2018, with the involvement of an external expert advisory board. The Festival of Regions will take place from 28 June to 7 July 2019 under the motto “Social Warmth” in the LEADER region of Perg-Strudengau.

FdR-Lokalaugenschein in Perg-Strudengau

Das Festival der Regionen macht 2019 unter dem Motto „Soziale Wärme“ Station in der Region Perg-Strudengau. Beim Lokalaugenschein am vergangenen Freitag nützten an die 100 Besucherinnen und Besucher die Gelegenheit gemeinsam mit Festivalleitung und VertreterInnen der LEADER-Region einen ersten Eindruck von dieser zu gewinnen.

Local Viewing

On May 25th there will be an opportunity for a joint visit of the festival region together with the festival team. Meeting point: 2 p.m. Perg Town Square

Schedule: After  touring several parts of the festival region Perg-Strudengau as guided tour, a Come Together takes place in the Stadttheater Grein at 6 pm to 8 pm, where the festival team and local actors are happy to answer any questions. Following the event, shuttles to Perg are ready.

Please register by Wed, 23. May at office@fdr.at

to Perg from Linz: Hbf Linz – 12.52 h to St. Valentin: 13:16 h – festival bus shuttle from St. Valentin to Perg

to Perg from Vienna: Hbf Wien – 11:55 h to St. Valentin: 13:11 h – Festivalbusshuttle from St. Valentin to Perg


to Linz: Festival bus shuttle from Grein to St. Valentin: 20:16 h / Linz 20:30 h or 20:41 h / Linz 21:18 h

to Vienna: Festival bus shuttle from Grein to St. Valentin: 20.23 h / Vienna 21.52 h (Westbahn) or 20.49 h / Vienna 22.05 h