Barriers: Where they are constructed, how we take them down.

10% of the population considers barrier-free accessibility to be “indispensable,” 30-40% consider it “necessary,” and 100% considers it “convenient.” Led by this basic premise, the Perg municipality would like to make barrier-free accessibility possible for everyone. The topic is multifaceted, complex, and contradictory, though. How do barriers come into being? Where should one start taking […]

Centriphery Bike Ratchet Hike

A Cooperation with the artists and experts: Theresa Böck, Veronika Mayer, Christian F. Schiller, Petra Sturm Centriphery invites the audience to an exciting cycling performance, which develops its own perspective on the region and the landscape of the Machland, navigating various locations and landscapes and making them into a stage. The bicycle, wheelchair, and other […]

Eine Tonne 2.0

Achtung: Projekt wird im Rahmen der diesjährigen Vienna design week umgesetzt / ausgearbeitet.

Ein sanftes Händereichen zwischen Samen und Butterbrot, zwischen Bauer und Brotliebhaber.

Eine künstlerische Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema Entlohnung in der Landwirtschaft in Form einer dreidimensionalen Installation.

A Ton aims to creat/spark a dialog between producer and consumer. Based on the price a farmer gets for a ton of wheat this three dimensional installation aims to support a discussion about food resources and fair payment in agriculture.

Mia gengan midanaund und spün midanaund!

In a historical moment of great disorientation, music becomes the vehicle of peace and intercultural dialogue. The project aims at the meeting of the Salento band tradition, represented by BandAdriatica with those of the Austrian regions hosting the festival. Workshop with local bands for an exchange of repertoires, classes for young musicians, and a final concert that will involve all the participants in a great band that will first play in the streets and then perform on stage.

Ruf gegen die Grenze

Barbara Holub and Paul Rajakovics (transparadiso) see the middle of the Danube, the floating border between Upper and Lower Austria, as an opportunity for “overcoming” borders. Questions of symbolic or societal borders, exclusions, demarcations, containment, and the potential for overcoming borders played a central role in many workshops with residents, musicians, authors, singers, everyday performers, […]