“Border Mover“ deals with the topic of present-day individuality that is marked by an omnipresent technology and a routine of our everyday life that more and more resembles the monotony of operating machines.

Künstlerinnen in Syrien

The war that broke out in Syria in March 2011 has made a great number of people leave the country as living conditions have become inhumane.

Kreisky Concert

Kreisky have shown the world how to embrace the Viennese ill-humour, how to cast daily life abysses into song, how to take things seriously, but yourself not so much.

Wanderuni in Marchtrenk

This semester, the Space & Design Strategies study programme is moving, taking, instead of the bridge across the Danube, the longer path around the globe.


Reminding of black-and-white photos, the participants in this “choreographic stroll” through town show up as figures dressed in black and white, forming a monochrome foreign body in an otherwise colourful environment.

Museum der ungebetenen Gastgeschenke

Expired chocolate boxes for one’s 50th birthday? Poultry shears for vegetarians? Crystal shot glasses after a detox? They are everywhere, sneak in, uninvited guests, holding: a present. The Unwelcome Gift.


What happens if something unwanted suddenly is back outside the door camouflaged as art?

Refugee Open TV

For ten days, refugees are taking over the programme of dorf tv. Talks. Interviews. Live broadcasts. Features.

Magic Moments in Marchtrenk

Marchtrenk is a dynamic municipality with great empty area potential and a prime traffic connection at the Salzburg-Vienna axis.

Drive Thru_

Concept Arthur Summereder and Daniela Zeilinger With: Eli Kabir Gold: „Border Crossings“ Jack Hauser & Sabina Holzer: „Camera Obscura“ Anna Nowak: „Die kurze Form zum Mitnehmen“ Eugen-Maria Schulak: „Delphi“ Ferdinand Schmalz: „Dosenfleisch“ Tamara Wilhelm: „Handmade Noise Machines“

Gute Gründe

Contemporary art often tends to be uninvited. So, what good reasons can there be for an increased presence of art in Marchtrenk in 2017?

Das klingende Haus

The newly founded MARCHTRENK CHAMBER ARTS ENSEMBLE plays DOMESTIC MUSIC like it has probably never been heard before

Running Light

“Running Light“ is a light installation that turns Marchtrenk’s water tower into a light signal.

Angezählt/Counted out

The walk-in sound installation “Angezählt / Counted out“ returns a discovery from the archives of the Vienna Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, a voice recording of Italian prisoners of war in Marchtrenk from the year 1918, to its recording location.

Map Series (Russia)

From Finland to Turkey, from Ukraine to Alaska: Ana Mendes looks at the rise and fall of a great empire.

Was war…

This installation tries to uncover old family photos and their corresponding family stories. It wants to immerse itself in the history of the town and the stories of its inhabitants.


Three gardens and garden owners and their style of rule, their forms and practices of government are portrayed in short films.

Es irrt der Mensch

Windowless façade surfaces are appropriated as materials and stage by Lena Lapschina. Using unpretentious tools, she turns them into wall drawings.

The Unknown

A woman is standing alone at the side of the road – is she a hitchhiker, a prostitute, seeking help, fleeing, displaced, lost or deranged?

Streitross Meister der Kurve

On the motorcycling training grounds, various figures will be ridden, different perspectives recorded on video and concentrated in montage editing.

Dinge, die bleiben

Susanna Flock and Leonhard Müllner utilise the online marketplace to get a grasp of Marchtrenk through its discarded items.

Lesefest mit Musik

Every month since 2009, Marchtrenk’s literature club “Lesezeit” has hosted readings and talks with writers at Café Zwieb.

Fruits of Labor

An installation made of objects and musicians springs to a mad stage life: Miet Warlop from Belgium uses theatrical means to create visual art.

Sons of Sissy

In an experimental manner, the four performers and musicians employ traditional Alpine live music, various group dances and ritual practices, which, however, are freed from conservatism and conventions.