Who can submit an idea for the Festival of Regions 2025?
Anyone with an idea on the topic: artists and committed individuals, non-professionals and professionals, cultural and social initiatives, associations and organisations, communities. Regional, supra-regional and international associations, cultural initiatives, groups and individual artists can submit entries. We want to explicitly address Innviertel initiatives to participate.

Is there a thematic focus?
The projects submitted should correspond to the festival motto “Realistic Dreams”.

What should be taken into account when submitting?
It is important that all components of the submission are submitted with the most meaningful information possible, on the basis of which the programme board selects the projects. Ideally, this means a well-structured, written project description with details of the genre in PDF format, in which the project is clearly described. In addition, photos, sketches and links to video and audio samples facilitate the selection process.

Which projects are funded/can be submitted?
The Festival of Regions is open to any genre. Funding is available for art projects with a communicative, participatory and/or site-specific character that are to take place in Braunau am Inn and deal with the festival motto “Realistic Dreams”. Participation is very important to us.

This refers to:

  • Projects that look beyond Braunau in terms of content, organisation and the participation of others
  • Projects that think their way to Braunau. One example from the 2023 festival was artistic interventions on the train. We are 1.5 to 2 hours away from the central area. So we are also looking for ideas, actions and incentives that arouse curiosity and motivate people to make the journey to Braunau from Ried, Schärding, Linz, Salzburg, Vienna, Munich, Passau and elsewhere.
  • Site-specific art projects and art installations that deal specifically with the history, architecture, topography, ecology and the “inside and outside” of the respective location, but also with the contemporary living and working environment of the region and the social contexts
  • Community-orientated public art projects that focus on social and societal aspects, possibly participatory aspects
  • Art projects that are not primarily result- and work-orientated, but rather process- and experience-orientated and which may be carried out in or with regional institutions (companies, associations, schools)
  • Artworks whose realisation and production processes are characterised by the participation of artistic non-professionals (non-experts)
  • and/or artworks and installations that actively involve the public
  • Civil society, integrative, social projects

How should the role of Braunau am Inn as a festival location be understood, particularly in relation to the projects and their thematic focus?
We want to “show” projects in Braunau. Not in the sense that Braunau is always the theme. That everything always has to be created in Braunau. Braunau is the place where we want to come together during the 10-day festival and, of course, the central point of contact in terms of content. But the theme goes beyond that. It also offers points of contact for initiatives from the entire Innviertel region. It’s about bringing people and audiences together in Braunau. We want to create a festival atmosphere. We are also planning a “festival centre” in Braunau. We don’t want to rule out other venues and excursions to the surrounding regions and vice versa as a matter of principle. And we will also be considering specific formats in the coming months and are also interested in co-operations in the sense of a “road to the festival”. We are therefore open and working on collaborations to involve other players and other locations in a kind of supporting programme. This includes, for example, “hiking formats”, excursions or tours. We are interested in exchange and generally Innviertel initiatives that see an idea, a link or starting point for the festival are welcome to contact us.

What role does Simbach play in relation to the Festival of Regions in Braunau am Inn?
Simbach is just a short walk away. Economically, historically and in everyday life, these two border towns are closely interwoven. Projects that cross borders are welcome. Figuratively and literally, towards Germany and in the opposite direction.

Is it possible to apply with a project/play/etc. that already exists, or does it have to be something new?
The Festival of Regions is focusing the 2025 festival programme on new productions.

Who curates the 2025 festival programme?
The programme is curated by a 5-member programme board, which is newly appointed for each festival edition. The decision is made without recourse to legal action.

How is a project realised?
The organisers of selected projects are invited to further concretise their ideas and present their financial planning in detail. The cooperation between the project organiser and the Festival of Regions is regulated in a contract that sets out the mutual services and obligations. The project organiser is responsible for the development and realisation of the project. The Festival of Regions supports this development in an advisory capacity, provides funding and guarantees a large part of the application.

Can several projects be submitted?
It is possible to submit multiple projects. However, we encourage you to focus on the quality of the ideas submitted rather than the quantity.

What does the submission form look like and what information must be included?

Submission Form 2025

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be completed.

In which languages can the project proposal be submitted?
Project proposals can be submitted in German or English. The form is available in both languages.

How can I submit and during what period?
The submission phase for the Festival of Regions 2025 starts on 26 February 2024 and ends on 30 April 2024 at midnight. Project submissions can only be received via the designated submission platform: https://fdr.at/einreichungsformular-2025/
Submissions can no longer be processed or resubmitted once they have been sent. A confirmation of receipt will be sent by e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact opencall@fdr.at. Feedback will be provided by the end of June 2024.

Will submissions after the deadline be accepted?
Submissions after the deadline of 30 April 2024 will not be accepted. Late or incomplete project proposals will not be considered.
All submitters will be informed of the status of their submission by email by the end of June 2024. Ulla Steyrleuthner (ulla.steyrleuthner@fdr.at) will be available to answer any questions regarding submission.

Will the information in the submission form be made publicly visible?
No, the information in the submission form will not be made publicly visible. They are used exclusively to evaluate and categorise the submitted project proposal. The contact details will not be published or passed on at any time.
The database is stored on a secure server and encrypted to prevent hacking or other attacks and to ensure the privacy, security and protection of the submitters. If you would like more information to confirm security, please contact us directly.

Can I freely choose the project date?
No, during the selection process you will be asked for possible performance and attendance dates. On the basis of these, an attempt will be made to fix the date if you are accepted. Despite our efforts, experience has shown that not all requests can always be honoured.

How open, accessible and sustainable should project submissions be?
The Festival of Regions emphasises diversity, accessibility, inclusion and participation. We encourage everyone to submit projects, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. Please indicate relevant conditions in the submission form. In the case of programming, we strive for a smooth process and endeavour to ensure easy accessibility and accessibility for all. As a green event, we also emphasise sustainable production and the use of regional resources.

How many projects will be selected?
Approximately 20-25 projects will be selected from the Open Call, depending on their size. The following are possible: Small projects up to €5,000, medium-sized projects up to €10,000 and large projects up to €20,000.

What costs should be included in the cost calculation?
The total costs are made up of the artists’ fees, the production costs and the travel and accommodation costs. We offer a budget template as a guide to help you. When calculating your project, please note that fees paid to foreign addresses are subject to withholding tax.

Is it necessary to specify a specific project location for the submitted project?
No, this is not necessary. However, it would be very helpful if a location could be given as an example so that the programme board can get an idea of the desired context.

What format should the pdf file be submitted in?
The pdf file should be submitted in A4 format.

Where will the Festival of Regions 2025 take place?
With the upcoming Festival of Regions, we are going to the Innviertel. However, the venue for the 17th Festival of Regions is Braunau am Inn.

If your question about the Open Call has not been answered in the FAQs, you are welcome to contact us at ulla.steyrleuthner@fdr.at

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Frequently asked questions about the Festival of Regions

What is the Festival of Regions?
A supra-regional and nationwide festival for contemporary culture in Upper Austria, which has been taking place every two years since 1993. It does not buy in ready-made productions, but provides ways and means to realise ideas developed specifically for the respective festival theme in a free form. The starting point is a socially and culturally controversial issue.

What does the Festival of Regions want?
To encourage artists and the public to take the initiative and work together. To build bridges across the boundaries between artists and audiences, art and everyday life, culture and society as well as the individual artistic disciplines outside of urban centres. Tying in with local and regional circumstances and characteristics.

Who organises the Festival of Regions?
An independent association called the Festival of the Regions with support primarily from Federal state of Upper Austria.