Local Viewing

At the Local Viewing in May 100 visitors took advantage to the opportunity, together with festival leaders and representatives of LEADER Region to get a first impression of this. Under the direction of Airan Berg, three bus tours led through different locations and Landscapes. The expert tour guides were Andrea Wahl (Consciousness Region), Leo Saftic (region Perg) and Lothar Pühringer (region Grein / Strudengau). The stations of the respective tours can be looked up over dorf.tv. The Linz media collective Time’s Up accompanied the trip with impulses on the festival theme and gave visitors the opportunity to have impressions and thoughts with “Social Warmth “and connect with locals. At the finale in the old town Theatre at Grein, the management team (Barbara Mitterlehner, Airan Berg) and the board (Susanne Blaimschein, Gerald Priewasser – Höller) on the procedure the project submission and the festival planning.

Impressions of the Local Viewing:

Pictures und Blog from the Times Up Collective

Video von dorf.tvThanks to dorf.tv – Georg Ritter and his team!

Tour in Bus 2

FdR-Local Viewing: Danube 

FdR-Local Viewing in Strudengau – BUS 3 with Lothar Pühringer

FdR-Local Viewing at Clam Castle

FdR-Local Viewing at Strindberg-Museum Saxen

FdR-Local Viewing at Celtic Village Mitterkirchen

FdR-Local Viewing at the old Town Theatre Grein



Pics (c) Norbert Artner