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FDR 2017


Hospitality involves more than the moral invitation to be nice to each other. In many cultures, it is rather the precondition for the individual person to be able to survive at all. The radical closeness to the stranger overwhelms us as hosts, which is why the guests get caught in interspaces that present themselves, that are constructed for them by us.
Mobile metal booths will be set up on three different locations for the duration of the festival, generating passages to go through. Video films bring to mind the experiences in interspaces. This installation deals with institutional facilities set up in border areas, with quarantine, or with a space or authority where I would wait for an outcome or authorisation.

How far yet to go? How long will we have to wait here? Can you please repeat that? Why does he look at me like that? Did they understand me? May I sit down over here?
Even a language I do not understand generates an interspace.
How can I translate in this situation? Who do I encounter there?