ZUG um ZUG, der erste Zug!

© Olivia Kudlich & Bastian Lehner

Zug um Zug, der erste Zug! aimed to shine a light on alternative possibilities of mobility within a rural area defined by cars. The project called individual transportation into questions in order to spark new trains of thought and discourse. Olivia Kudlich and Bastian Lehner held numerous processions along the Summerauerbahn railway line, as well as being present at festival stations and undertaking a number of smaller hikes. They had a self-created object with them that they used in order to start conversations with people from the region.

The artists invited those interested to talk and journey with them, in order to go forwards together and to celebrate mobility away from cars and planes. The planned processions and the accompanying events were documented in the form of a video.


Olivia Kudlich-Webside

Olivia Kudlich is especially interested in created temporary event spaces that let audiences forget the passing of time. She is particularly talented in organising things and keeping an overview, to plan spaces and to claim these spaces, to intervene in space and to design them. For this project, Olivia Kudlich makes use of the abilities that she was able to hone over the years, for instance during her manual education and her studies. The field of tension within her works reaches from architecture and graphic design all the way to theatre and event organisation.

Bastian Lehner organises cultural events, such as performances, concerts, and film nights. His artistic practice moves between the areas of manual labour, sound and music, or rather in the analogue, the digital, and all the frequencies in between. On a thematic level, he deals with reshaping, transforming, and re-claiming given spaces. Bastian Lehner lives in and is part of the self-organised and autonomous house project Willy*Fred in Linz.

Olivia Kudlich and Bastian Lehner are both part of the art and cultural collective Jolly Fabrik.



  • Fri, 23.06 | 14:00 - 18:17

    Procession by Olivia Kudlich & Bastian Lehner

    Summerau Bahnhof
  • Wed, 28.06 | 18:30 - 19:00

    Procession to the parish church of Kefermarkt by Olivia Kudlich & Bastian Lehner

    Kefermarkt Bahnhof
  • Fri, 30.06 | 14:00 - 19:00

    Procession by Olivia Kudlich & Bastian Lehner

    Lungitz/Gusen Bahnhof Lungitz 24