We will live forever

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Through a collaboration between anGie seah and Die Kunstwerkstatt | Theater Malaria, the inclusive project We Will Live Forever came into being, that was then realized over the time span of a single month. In the project, participants developed a live performance and created their very own vocabulary that went beyond that of conventional speech. They communicated through humming, laughing, gibberish, and rhythm. This unique vocabulary was then integrated into the performance that was brought to life on stage through fixed sequences of motion and visual elements.

The performance was a highlight at the opening act of the Klangfestival in the Altes Hallenbad in Gallneukirchen. The festival used the unique atmosphere of the former entrance area, the old changing rooms, the dried out showers, and the two swimming pools, in order to give the experience of the unique charm of the old public swimming pool. As part of the act the theater group Malaria performed together with the artist anGie seah on the stage in the large pool of the old swimming pool.
Additionally to the performance, there was also a film documentation.

By and with: anGie seah, Kurt Engleder, Lukas Gallhammer, Florian Gerstl, Veronika Grün, Markus Klambauer, Christoph Kremser, Astrid Meyer, Ruth Oberhuber, Markus Rechberger, Livia Riener, Elena Seidl, Elisabeth Stachl, Martina Kornfehl, Ulla Steyrleuthner, Gundega Graudina

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anGie seah uses various different forms of artistic media, such as drawing, installation, performance, sound and video. The act of combining life and art defines her artistic practice and helps her to understand social surroundings and deal with the everyday conditions of human life. For over ten years, anGie seah has been working in participatory projects with various different communities, and experiments particularly with the forms of expression of speech, voice, sound, and physical movement.

Ever since 1997, anGie seah has been participating in international exhibitions and festivals. The music group Qianpima accompanies her art projects by converting imaginary situations and surroundings into music. In addition, she designs sound and sets for theatre productions and supports multidisciplinary artistic practices and live improvisation as the director and curator of the festival ITBA in Singapore.


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  • Fri, 30.06 | 19:00 - 20:00

    Performance by anGie seah & Theater Malaria

    Altes Hallenbad Reichenauer Str. 10