Water Research & Water Bar

© Sladovna Písek

The intergenerational project Water Research & Water Bar was created by Sladovna Písek as part of the Playful Gallery. The Playful Gallery is an interactive exhibition format, that lets both the young and the old dive into the world of playful learning and exploring.

Together with people from the region, the team from Sladovna Písek got to the bottom of the history of water along the Summerauerbahn railway line and explored performative acts of drinking. The results that arose from the stories and interactions in Water research, could then be tasted during the opening train journey with the FdR*Train. At the destination station in Horní Dvořiště, the Water Bar offered various waters from Austria and the Czech Republic, in order to raise a toast to those places where the water came from.


Idea and Concept: Adam Langer
Realisation: Adam Langer, Ludmila Mužík Veřtátová, Tomáš Žižka, Jiří Petrák, Klára Mathieu
Thanks to Jana Petráková



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