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FDR 2021

The Future is Underground

Fragments of a lost script have been found: a rehearsal, a ship, a troupe performing to survive. This guided tour takes the audiences through the history of escape of an austrian pioneer of modern dance while experiencing situations which unfold in the squares and streets of the city of Bad Ischl. Stretching the lines between fiction and reality, and art and life, the tour uses fragments of the found script and focuses on the particular links with the region.

The audience is invited to experience first hand the way in which Gertrude Bodenwieser and the Truppe had to use whatever was at hand to put together a performance (“Vamos a Colombia”) to be presented in an unkown context while travelling on a ship from Europe to Colombia escaping the regime. Based on historical facts and detailed connections between the dancers methode and the location, the audience is invited to try and understand how much of this adventure was rehearsed and how much of it was improvised. The Tour offers unexpected appearances and dance, and invites us to get a glimpse on how artists manage to improvise in times of horror while keeping a poetic relation with the world. It leads the audience to the opening of the Festival of Regions.

TITEL: Rehearsed Spontanity (a Miss Gerti Dance Fiction)

BY: Luisa Ungar and Romy Kolb

WITH: Shayma Küpeli, Seba Kayan, Karin Cheng, Miranda Rumpersdorfer, Nabeel Fareed, Conny Scheuer, Efva Lilja, Simon Mayer, Youth Dance Company von Tanz die Toleranz, Toni Burger u.a.

While the first part will take place in the streets, the second part will be presented in the music pavilion of the Kurpark.

In collaboration with the HTBLA, the dance school Tanzschule Tanz & More Bad Ischl, Tanzhexen, FRS – Freies Radio Salzkammergut, Genussgeiger, Lebenshilfe, YOUZ and many more.