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Site-specific sound and space performance in a former butcher’s shop

“A hidden place in Ebensee full of memories and stories with a strong attraction for me,” writes NicoNote about the butcher’s shop Rohrhofer in which formerly on Carnival Monday, after the rag procession, there was the legendary, notorious chasers and collapses with a lot of beer and the Pfannhäuser (frying pan house) sausages, the Kesselhoassn (boiler houses), created by the master butcher, Franz Rohrhofer, in honour of the workers at the salt-works. Those workers at the salt-works were called Pfannhäuser who worked at the boilers; they met each Thursday after work at Rohrhofer’s.

NicoNote lives in Rimini, but is a granddaughter of the butcher family. For the Festival of Regions she is coming back to her roots in a certain way, staging in the rooms of the former butcher’s shop a performance with voice, music, sound and light situated between theatre and music. Afterwards in the reanimated quirky atmosphere, a banquet with food and drink will be offered; the performance leads finally into an archaic festival.

Conceived and directed by NicoNote
Texts by Lewis Carroll, Dante Alighieri, Friedrich Hölderlin, William Gibson, Wallace Stevens, NicoNote
Music by Robert Wyatt, Kurt Weill, Osvaldo Pugliese, Vincenzo Bellini, Mikael Plunian, Alfredo Nuti Dal Portone, Dani Marzi, NicoNote

Sound composition and live performance: Alfredo Nuti Dal Portone, Dani Marzi, NicoNote
Light and installations: Pietro Paroletti
Production: Festival der Regionen, NicoNote Dream Action, Doc Servizi
Image courtesy by Veronica Azzinari
Graphic design: Monica Stolfi
Thanks to Franz Rohrhofer and family, Konrad Wallinger / Kino Ebensee, a special thank to Valentina Grilli and Demetrio Cecchitelli for the friendly participation.

Venue: Former butcher’s shop Rohrhofer