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The sound art project Plasticphonia dealt with the internationally relevant topic of a throwaway society, and particularly with the environmental contamination caused by plastic. Together with Greenpeace, clean-up organizations, and environmental activists, CRYSTN HUNT AKRON collected plastic garbage that was washed up on beaches and shores. The movement of materials such as plastic bags, bottles, cups, tubes, and brushes creates sounds and tones that were then used to compose an electro-acoustic symphony. This Plasticphonia was then released on a vinyl record and could be experienced in a participatory concert setting during the Festival of the Regions.



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Crystn Hunt Akron aka Christine Hinterkörner sings and composes for various different music, theatre, and dance projects, and gives workshops on singing and songwriting. She studied Jazz and Pop vocals, as well as music and media techniques at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz. Besides her own productions in the fields of music, theatre, and dance, collaborations with national and international artists are also a big part of her artistic practice, as well as work stays and residencies.


  • Wed, 28.06 | 20:15 - 21:15

    Concert by Crystn Hunt Akron

    Pfarrkirche Kefermarkt Oberer Markt 1