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The Dream Job

Performence by the upcoming Spanish performer Cuqui Jerez

The Spanish performer, Cuqui Jerez, has been working for a long time on her Dream Project under whose title each month a play with different themes and formats comes about. She experiments and improvises with the basic questions, How to work?, How to produce? and How to deal with the unknown and the present? In search of the appropriate form, the artist never loses sight of laughter and humour, developing with playful lightness an inimitable choreographic language. Through the well-targeted deployment of the body as tool, the skilful manipulation of space and time, and the play with the public’s expectations, uncomplicated, charming concepts arise which, however, are nonetheless well thought-through and intelligent. Dancing between variation, contrasts, diversity and uniqueness, she supplies the public with new impulses and provides exhilarating prods.

“For a long time she was an insider’s tip, but today she tours through Europe as a beacon of hope for conceptual stage art. Her concepts make do without penetratingly cramped efforts at conceptual originality, instead simply posing the right questions. Jerez it not scared of the banal and the silly, which makes her plays charming, but no less intelligent.” (Andrea Heinz, Die Zeit). — “Cuqui Jerez is a very friendly person who does completely dreamy things. Then, an infinite poetry can inhere in plugging together extension cords…” (Egbert Tholl, Süddeutsche Zeitung)