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From A to E

Interdisciplinary performance project in public space together with the Ebensee Sports Secondary School

How is news conveyed? And which news seems to us important enough to write? How do we keep up contact? Do you feel me when I send you something? The project engages with communication between people in the digital age. What effect does it have when you can be contacted anytime, anywhere and you’re constantly in the eye of the public? How do you feel when you can be put on Instagram forever at any moment? Perhaps in this project we can compare our body with a data-storing operating system. A system that can and wants to communicate. But how does this bodily sending and receiving work? Or has corporeality already become superfluous? Social media have conquered our everyday life and are used often in an unrestricted way. They have, however, changed our behaviour, our language and our way of communicating. But what is this change that has happened? What are its effects?

The artist collective, SILK Fluegge, invites young people from Ebensee to think about these questions and to find their own answers in an artistic format that can be put together into a shared narrative and critical engagement. The artistic work of the collective includes performances in theatres, interventions in public spaces and museums, as well as communication of art and culture. The focus is on projects in the area of urban and contemporary dance and art forms with particular emphasis on promoting youth. For its work and projects, SILK Fluegge was awarded the 2013 Prize of Recognition for Stage Art by the State of Upper Austria.

In collaboration with the Ebensee Sports Secondary School
Artistic direction: Silke Grabinger
Dance, production: Olga Swietlicka
Dance, video: Magdalena Schlesinger
Dramaturgy: Angela Vadori
Co-ordination Ebensee Sports Secondary School: Margarete Feichtinger