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N.O.A.H. Galactica

The “N.O.A.H. Galactica,” a permanently docked spaceship made from wood and metal and boarded with art producers from Linz, will land in central Perg. Departing from the Biblical story of Noah’s Arc as an act of “social warmth,” the “N.O.A.H. Galactica” will create a space for discussing the future of our planet and the salvation of humanity. Therefore, the question of whether humanity can only persist by fleeing into space will be approached through methods of free association with interactions, performances, exhibitions, and other media.

N.O.A.H. Galactica is a collaboration between Josseline Engeler and the students of Hubert Lobnig from the department of “Art and Practice.”

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The “N.O.A.H. Galactica,” a permanently docked spaceship made out of wood and metal, will land on Badgasse in central Perg, in the big field next to the Leitner-Wehr. Noah’s construction of the Biblical Arc was an act of social warmth, intended to ensure the survival of entire Earthly species in the face of impending natural catastrophe.

In the age of global warming, stockpiling nuclear arsenals, natural resource limits, the extinction of animal species, and floating islands of trash, the threat of the uninhabitability of our planet approaches. Research has long dealt with the possibility of living in space. The next Mars expedition is planned for 2033 to test the conditions for potential human survival. According to Stephen Hawking, the Earth will no longer be inhabitable in approximately 100 years, resources will be exhausted, and the planet poisoned. He assumes that humanity can only persist by fleeing to space.

Does this scenario merely refer to a dystopian vision or will it actually become a reality? As an art project, N.O.A.H. Galactica literally creates a space for providing an overview of the questions, fears, hopes, and also opportunities for humanity related to this prognosis.

The N.O.A.H. Galactica will land in central Perg, next to the Leitner-Wehr, with art producers from Linz aboard. They will redefine the topic of “fleeing and integration” on an intergalactic level with the local residents of Perg through interactions, performances, exhibitions and other media in and around the spaceship.

“Can the developments that force us to flee still be stopped, and if so, how?” “What happens when the entire population of planet Earth has to flee?” “Who is allowed to flee?” “Will we be welcomed with open arms in space?” “What kinds of modified living conditions do we need?”

These and other questions will be discussed through artistic methods and through free association.

The spaceship invites the festival visitors to participate, reflect, dwell on, pause, and take it all in.


Josseline Engeler is a freelance artist and lecturer at the University of Art and Design Linz. She was born in 1982 in Northern Germany and has lived in Perg since 2018. She has received numerous scholarships and residencies in the field of public art. She has taken part in exhibitions and has realized art projects in public space nationally as well as internationally.

Involvement of students
Robert Angerer
Ruth Größwang
Daniela Gutmann
Anastasia Kraus
Konstantin Obereder
Alina Raming
Jasmina Soliman
Ibrahim Soliman
Nino Wallisch

With support from Baumann/Glas/1886 GmbH, Polylux Kunststoffwerk Mauthausen GmbH and Scheuwimmer Fahrzeugbau GmbH.


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