Mind the Gap

© Leah Hochedlinger

The 4-part video series is dedicated to questions about the future and chose the route of the Summerauerbahn as its central theme. During the festival period, discussions were held with committed people from the region, festival artists and passers-by.

The video series creates a multi-layered collage of ideas, fears and wishes for the future. AT 2023, total approx. 40 min.

Documentation FRF (de)

Mind the Gap – Sneak Peek
Gerald Harringer, Leah Hochedlinger, & Sophia Hochedlinger und Kameramann Gabriel Reder


DORFTV-Webside - all parts

Concept, idea:
Gerald Harringer, Leah Hochedlinger und Sophia Hochedlinger
Director, camera: Leah Hochedlinger und Sophia Hochedlinger
Editing: Leah Hochedlinger, Sophia Hochedlinger und Linua Land
Production: Gerald Harringer

Sound: Gabriel Reder und Tobias Garcia Navas
Music: Filonas Baschant, Crystn Hunt Akron (Plasticphonia) und Oskar Mayböck (Skills & Tools: A Guidebook)
Recording of the Plasticphonia performance:
Elena K. Richtsfeld und Bibi Finster / DORFTV
Sound mixing: Markus Reiter / Sky Music Group
Color Grading: Leonie Zettl
Interviews: Sophia Hochedlinger und Gabriel Reder
DCP: Philip-Marcel Michael

Artists: Crystn Hunt Akron (Plasticphonia) Isa Schieche, Milou van Duijnhoven, Oskar Mayböck, Helen Weber (Skills & Tools: A Guidebook) Elif Duygu, Uwe Felchle, Aslı Kişlal (familiar strangers. slam & jam in der Summerauerbahn) Johann Moser, Juliane Kreiner, Stefan Kreiner (VegLab) Karin Šrubařová, Michal Klodner (Node9)

Thanks to: Bürgermeister Christian Gratzl, Die Knieschleifer Oberösterreich, Claudia Hochedlinger, Johannes Pröll / Bright Films, DORFTV, FdR 2023 – Festival der Regionen, Frauenfußballteam Union Sportverein St. Oswald bei Freistadt, Freies Radio Freistadt, Marie-Therese Horky / Leiterin JUZ Pregarten und Jugendliche vom JUZ Pregarten, Lukas Reidinger / Leiter JUZ Wartberg und Jugendliche vom JUZ Wartberg, Local-Bühne Freistadt, Michael Seidl / Grauwerk, MKH Medien Kultur Haus, Okto TV, Polterergruppe „Team Bräutigam“ und Schaffnerin Ilona


Sophia Hochedlinger has been working with video and film ever since she completed her studies of time-based and interactive media at the Art University Linz, with a focus on script writing, directing, and editing.

Leah Hochedlinger completed an education in music trade, and is active in the areas of photography, videography, and as an independent artist.

Gerald Harringer was one of the founders of the artist cooperative Die Fabrikanten in 1990. He lives and works as a freelance author, director, media artist, and cultural manager in Katsdorf.

Gerald Harringer-Webside

A project by Local-Bühne Freistadt in cooperation with the Festival of Regions 2023

With the support of the federal government, the state and the European Union (LEADER)


  • Sun, 25.06 | 19:00 - 20:00

    Mind The Gap - Sneak Peek

    Salzgasse Festivalzone Salzgasse