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FDR 2019

Cannot make out your Flags, come nearer

The students and teachers of the department of Experimental Art from the University of Art and Design Linz – led by Anna Jermolaewa – will spend their time in St. Nikola and its vicinity. They invite the local residents and visitors to work together to set up the exhibition. Through the temporary appropriation of open space and interdisciplinary works, they will engage in the topic of “Social Warmth,” develop a discourse on cultural and sociopolitical topics, and build awareness regarding social resources. The students will perform in diverse productive zones or exhibition spaces in open space, and will present the artworks and artistic interventions that they developed with local residents as installations, performances, sound pieces or videos.


Vincent Caspar Böhm
Vildan Turalic
Stefanie Farkashazy
Sarah Rinderer
Pia Mayrwöger
Natalia Jobe
Markus Burgstaller
Marianne Pührerfellner
Maria Cernohorszky
Malina Mertlitsch
Jens Höffken
Jasmin Hirtl
Irene Garcia Villanueva
Dimitrios Vellis
David Kapl
Clemens Stöttinger
Aneta Lewandowska

Anna Jermolaewa
Christian Egger
Manuel Gorkiewicz
Marlene Hausegger
Nicole Sabella
Leo Schatzl

Photo: Sarah Rinderer

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