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FDR 2021

Heldinnen der Provinz

Author Magdalena Stammler creates portraits of women. Women who make a difference, who fight against resistance, who take an unchartered path. Women that are persistent. Women that are inspiring. Woman that live in the countryside. Rural exodus has been increasing over the last few years, the reasons for moving are varied – but the provincial heroines can also be found in historic Salzkammergut. They will be portrayed through a wonderful mélange of photos by Karin Hackl and audio clips with a view of their lives in the countryside. What defines and moves the women…

Including: Andrea Lantschner, Elisabeth Pammesberger, Tina Pesendorfer, Ikbal Banu Sert, Simone Zopf


In cooperation with Freies Radio Salzkammergut, Frauenforum Salzkammergut, HTBLA Hallstatt and Kino Ebensee.