familiar strangers. slam & jam in der Summerauerbahn

© diverCityLAB

Trains connect far away cities,
they transport us to other countries,
even other continents.
There are trains that stand still and those that come and go.
The wagons are filled with the faces of
strangers that we see for the first time.
In the restaurant car: drinks and various meals.
On ever seat: people of all walks of life;
every one of them with their own story.
All this people are strangers to each other,
and yet they all have stories that you know from your
own life or that of the people around you …

n her live performance poetry slam champion Elif Duygu told stories of the lives of familiar strangers and was accompanied by musician Uwe Felchle. The audience followed the stories via headphones and at the destination station an open mic was passed on to poets of the region who wanted to make their own stories heard.

Poetry: Elif Duygu
Composition, live music: Uwe Felchle
Director: Aslı Kışlal
Dramaturgy: Anna Schober
Technical realisation: Philipp Pettauer
Production: Laura Plochberger
Speaking technique: Hannah Heckhausen

Thanks to: Jackson der Hund, DORFTV, Radio FRF



Ist hier noch jemand zugestiegen?
Performance: diverCITYLAB, familiar strangers. slam & jam
Elif Duygu, Uwe Felchle, Asli Kislal, Philipp Pettauer, Laura Plochberger & Anna Schober


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Since 2018, Elif Duygu has been performing on both national and international Poetry Slam stages, including TEDxVienna and the Austrian Poetry Slam championships 2022 held in Dornbirn, where she won first prize in both the individual and the team competition. Elif Duygu’s often critical texts have been published in numerous literature magazines and anthologies.

Uwe Felchle specialized in bass, singing, and arranging, after having received a
wine gum snake as a salary for a performance when he was six years old. He was the musical director of the theatre group daskunst and composes for film and theatre. Additionally, Uwe Felchle is involved in work with young people and heads workshops, as well as teaching bass, computer music, and composition

Asli Kislal founded the award-winning group daskunst, is the artistic director of diverCITYLAB and has been working as an actress, a director, and a dramaturg for 30 years all over the German speaking world. The act of telling stories and bringing stories closer to audiences is something that has always been close to her heart. Through artistic political action, she attempts to test out the feasibility of a just society.

Hannah Heckhausen is a speech coach and theatre teacher. Her work is all about speaking as an artistic practice and empowerment.
She trains people from the arts as well as people from all professions. In doing so, she especially empowers flinta persons to be heard with their voice and expertise.

Anna Schober is a freelance dramaturg and head of production. She puts a particular focus on the political and emancipatory power of art, though humour can never miss out. Together with Asli Kislal, she founded diverCITYLAB, for which she acts as a dramaturg for its productions. In this function, she has worked with various different artists and numerous theatre houses.

Laura Plochberger is interested in power and how it manifests itself in Austria. She investigates this on the basis of single events, for instance together with Christian religious orders or by dealing with Austrian spruce forests. She curates events, brings people together and asks herself how a good life for all can be achieved.

Philipp Pettauer is a musician and is responsible for the technical aspects of the project. Besides his activities as a composer and musician in various theatres, he participated in various artistic projects in the public space, such as a performance in a tramway, or the immersive performance walk Linienwallungen along the Gürtel in Vienna. He is a member of the event collective unfollow that is focussed on experimental club music and also performs as a DJ and live-act under the moniker Fingers Of God.


With the kind support of Arbeiterkammer OÖ Kultur


  • Sat, 24.06 | 14:35 - 15:17

    Performance - Train S3/R3822 Part 1 by Elif Duygu, Uwe Felchle et al.

    Linz HBF
  • Sat, 24.06 | 15:30 - 16:00

    open mic poetry slam Part 2 by Elif Duygu, Uwe Felchle et al.

    Pregarten JUZ Bahnhofstraße 22
  • Sun, 25.06 | 17:15 - 18:00

    Performance - Train S3/R3 3805 Part 1 by Elif Duygu, Uwe Felchle et al.

    Salzgasse Festivalzone Salzgasse
  • Sun, 25.06 | 18:15 - 18:45

    open mic poetry slam Part 2 by Elif Duygu, Uwe Felchle et al.

    Salzgasse Festivalzone Salzgasse
  • Mon, 26.06 | 16:45 - 18:07

    Performance - Special Train Linz-Freistadt Part 1 by Elif Duygu, Uwe Felchle et al.

    Linz HBF
  • Mon, 26.06 | 18:20 - 18:50

    open mic poetry slam Part 2 by Elif Duygu, Uwe Felchle et al.

    Salzgasse Festivalzone Salzgasse