FDR 2021

Die Kaminsky – Taktik

British author Christopher New wrote a novel in 2005, entitled The Kaminsky Cure, which was influenced by his late wife Christa’s family history. Her mother, Else Bergmann, was Jewish and was supposed to be taken by the Gestapo. She faked her own suicide in Lake Hallstatt and fled to Germany with a false identity.

Larissa Fuchs and Johannes Krisch will read selected passages from The Kaminsky Tactics.

Afterwards, Christopher New and CultureNaut Teresa Distelberger will talk about the book, the parallels to the real story and the processing of (collective and individual) trauma.

Readingversion: Jacqueline Benedikt

In cooperation with the kunterbunt KulturBunt cultural association, the Hallstatt Evangelical Church and Kepler Salon.



  • Wed, 30.06 | 18:30 - 20:30

    Evangelischer Kirchengarten Hallstatt Landungsplatz 101
    4830 Hallstatt