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FDR 2015

Change of Perspective

Live programs from Ebensee with radio-makers from Salzkammergut and from Zongwe FM in Lusaka/Zambia

How do we organize our life together? This question will be at the centre of the radio project, Change of Perspective. Already in the lead-up to the festival, therefore, two editors from Zongwe FM in Southern Africa will come to Salzkammergut.

Zongwe FM is the Community Radio of the Tonga people. They live to the North and South of Lake Kariba in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Since the radio station was set up in 2007, there has been collaboration with the Free Radios in Austria. This is to be continued through further exchange of knowledge and capacity building.

Together with the two editors from Zongwe FM, Free Radio Salzkammergut will report daily from Ebensee live from various places, with the aid of a mobile studio. The happenings at the festival will be a topic, along with the reactions of the populace and the observations of the two editors from the South of Zambia.

In this way we can strengthen the long-standing collaboration, continue the intercultural exchange and reflect upon the ways in which the participants conceptualize their work. Apart from the editorial collaboration, above all, we will cast a glance on this process.