An meinen Haaren möcht‘ ich sterben

© LA GEORGETTA, Die rasende Reporterin

An meinen Haaren möcht‘ ich sterben dealt with being beside oneself, non-arriving, in perpetual travel. In a video work and a performance Peter Kozek, Vanessa Mazanik and Florian Ronc dealt with the ritual of mourning. Inspired by baroque memorial forms, they were looking for the alienation and the externalism of new perspectives on mourning as a collective experience. A unique imagery and imaginary cartography was created by drawing together surreal elements with historical references and real situations.

The project was structured as a path along which different scenes various stations were combined to give a dramaturgical and temporal framework. These could be found along the fifteen stations of the Summerauerbahn railway line between Linz and Horní Dvořiště. A video component could be viewed by audience members via smart phone and QR codes. During the opening of the Festival of the Regions, the project then culminated in a live performance.


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Artistic Director: Peter Kozek
Concept and direction: Peter Kozek, Vanessa Mazanik, Florian Ronc
Dramaturgy and text: Florian Ronc
Camera and editing: Lisa Truttmann
Equipment, costume and props: Peter Kozek, Vanessa Mazanik, Florian Ronc
Sculptures and objects: Thomas Hörl, Peter Kozek, Florian Ronc
Production: Peter Kozek, Vanessa Mazanik
Performer*innen: Michaela Emzero, Victoria Ferreri, Aleksandar Gabrovski, Dominika Glogowski, Thomas Hörl, Denys Kaliuzhnyi, Christian Koinegg, Peter Kozek, Cornelia König, LA GEORGETTA, Lucas, Vanessa Mazanik, Claudia Märzendorfer, Johanna Mitulla, Paula Mudri, Ursula Napravnik, Judith Pirklbauer, Wolfgang Podgorschek, Grayson Ruple, Rita Scodeler, Paul Seipel, Kaloyan Vasev, Svitlana Vlasenko, Helmut Weiländer, Kaloyan Vasev
Costumes: Peter Kozek, Florian Ronc, George Rusalin
Set photography: LA GEORGETTA / Die Rasende Reporterin, Paul Seipel
With texts by: Elisabeth von Österreich & Karoline von Günderrode

Thanks to: Bildhauer*innen-Ateliers des Bundes / Atelier Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek, Kapuzinergruft Wien, Lucas, Hannes Mlenek, Olena Newkryta, Sonja Romei, Stefan Röck, Gabriele Ronc, Edith Skrianz, u.v.m.!


Peter Kozek deals with various different forms of visual artistic media, such as installation, performance, drawing, and video, within his dynamic room sculptures. His work is often in correlation with the space that surrounds it. Ever since 2003, he was been working with Thomas Hörl, among others. Since 2021, he has been active at the Applied Performance Lab in Vienna as a senior artist.

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Vanessa Mazanik deals with digital and forgotten technology within her applied art and from the perspective of a graphic designer and media researcher. Since 2016, she has been part of the production team of numerous projects. As a performer, she has been involved in the immersive theatre piece WirHunde (201) by SIGNA that was developed in collaboration with the Wiener Festwochen and the Volkstheater Wien, among other projects.

Florian Ronc deals intensely with sediments and forms of the 19th century in his works in theatre and performative art. His pieces and collages deal with inner life and emotional terror, yearning and entanglement. His research into and with text constantly moves through areas at the margins, and imagines Kleist in connection to porn, or Stifter and the climate catastrophe.


  • Fri, 30.06 | 18:00 - 03:00

    Video artwork by Peter Kozek, Vanessa Mazanik & Florian Ronc

    Altes Hallenbad Reichenauer Str. 10
  • Sat, 01.07 | 16:00 - 03:00

    Video artwork by Peter Kozek, Vanessa Mazanik & Florian Ronc

    Altes Hallenbad Reichenauer Str. 10
  • Sun, 02.07 | 12:00 - 18:00

    Video artwork by Peter Kozek, Vanessa Mazanik & Florian Ronc

    Altes Hallenbad Reichenauer Str. 10