30*Mobile Druckwerkstatt

© Dagmar Höss

30 years of the Festival of the Regions was cause for celebration and to look back. When asking audiences or participants what they remembered, they will have mostly looked back on one or two festival titles that stuck in their memories, due to a specific region, a specific place, or a specific project.

Dagmar Höss helped shape and accompanied the Festival of the Regions over the course of many editions, as the head, as an artist, and as a visitor. Her project for 30 years of the Festival of the Region put the focus on the titles of every previous edition of the festival: audience members and participants were invited to bring along their own clothes and got a print of their favorite title of a previous festival, the design of which was specific to every edition.

In this way, individual clothes were transformed into unique pieces and the previous festivals over the past 30 years were called back into memory.

Thanks to Lois Kandler



Dagmar Höss works as an artist, a curator, and an art educator, however it is important to note that these practices are always project specific and she likes to mix them up. After her studies at the Art University Linz, she completed a post-graduate program for curators at the Institute for Cultural Studies in Vienna. Her mostly conceptual pieces range from place specific installations and photographic works, screen prints and collages, all the way to stick experiments. Among other things she is a member of the artist collective MAERZ in Linz, and the Künstler*innen-Haus in Vienna. Most recently, her works were shown at the art show Parallel Vienna, in the gallery of the art collection of the federal state of Upper Austria, and in the Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz.

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  • Sat, 24.06 | 16:00 - 19:00

    Mobile printing workshop by Dagmar Höss

    Salzhof Salzgasse 15
    4240 Freistadt
  • Sun, 25.06 | 14:00 - 18:00

    Mobile printing workshop by Dagmar Höss

    Salzhof Salzgasse 15
    4240 Freistadt
  • Sun, 02.07 | 14:00 - 17:00

    Mobile printing workshop by Dagmar Höss

    Alte Feuerwehrhalle Reichenauer Str. 1a
    4210 Gallneukirchen