News #28

DORFTV: Bibi Finster, Anna Friedinger & Georg Ritter
* It’s high time for everyone to get on board! *

New #27

Sara Piñeros
* It’s high time for a personal journey through the meandering path of Summerauer Bahn. *

News #26

Martin Lasinger
* It´s high time we took a step back, sat down and reflected on our history. *

News #25

Crystn Hunt Akron
* It´s high time to breathe new life into broken instruments or everyday objects. *

News #24

Felix Fino Vierlinger
* It´s high time to take care of the important things in the game. It is high time to take the table tennis bat in your own hands. It is high time to groove while playing table tennis! *

News #23

Asli Kışlal, Elif Duygu & Uwe Felchle
* It’s high time to leave the car behind / to finally perform at the Festival of the Regions / for currywurst. *

News #21

Bastian Lehner & Olivia Kudlich
* It´s high time that we move on and that we start driving instead of steering alone. *

News #20

Alja Piry, Regina Picker & Lucie Kaiserová
* It´s high time to get off the fast ride of ever faster, higher, further…*