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FDR 2015


Multifaceted leisure program on the lake for festival visitors on the early shift

Ebensee sailing enthusiasts around the Mayor at the time, Hermann Reiter, in 1976 fought for the defunct industrial site at Trauneck and then erected a marina for workers’ sailing. Almost forty years later, Christine Zigon and Peter Donke are transforming a part of the shores used by the Ebensee Sailing Club for the duration of the festival into the superLAKE CAMP EBENSEE, opening up access to the lake for festival visitors and inviting them to an early shift on the lake.

Good morning, Ebensee! A super festival day begins with a couple of enlivening hours right on the lake. As is usual with sea-dogs and campers, it is improvised, casual and sociable. With an activating morning program for body and mind, an offer of early swimming and sport, games and snacks accompanied by the appropriate songs by lake-camp musicians, occasional poetic contributions or more hearty arty feed from friends of literature and free thinkers and palaver about Ebensee, its transformation from sloggers’ community to leisure community, and about what was yesterday and what will be tomorrow.

The offer will react elastically to the situation, depending on the mixing of camp visitors with the everyday club operations at the marina. Everything will depend on wind and weather, as is usual on the lake.

Information about the daily program will be displayed at the Festival Centre.
Admission free, in all sorts of weather

Segelclub Ebensee