sunnseitn * Gotthard Wagner & Cindži Renta


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sunnseitn has been a cultural movement project since it was founded in 1991. From meaningful border crossings to expeditions into the unknown. From multi-day hikes through temporarily constructed cultural axes to annual collective dance and deceleration festivals, from violin hikes through landscapes to performance trains through countries.

We try to do less talking than doing. In this spirit, we were able to organise two modest contributions to the Festival of Regions 2023:

A train journey with the Roma musicians Cindži Renta from Krumlov, the accordionist Mischa Niemann and Gotthard Wagner on the violin from Horní Dvořiště to Linz.


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The violin hike “sunnseitn-Stadtführung” with the drum violinists and Klaus Fürst-Elmecker took place on 26 June 2023 in Freistadt.


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  • Mon, 26.06 | 20:00 - 20:30

    Hike through Freistadt with Trommelgeiger * Gotthard Wagner & Andreas Luger

    Salzhof Salzgasse 15
    4240 Freistadt