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The Grand Parade

Staging of a living portrait of Ebensee in the context of a large location choreography

A place in motion: musicians, choirs, bands, brass bands, dances, associations and individuals young and old — all the residents of Ebensee are invited to participate in the urban choreography and contribute their creative potential that in its totality will provide a living portrait of Ebensee. The individual ideas will be staged by Marinella Senatore and her team in the form of a grand parade through the locality.

Collaboration is the most essential component of Marinella Senatore’s concept of art. In her elaborate projects, the Italian artist involves thousands of people, laypersons as well as professionals, whether it be as producers, writers or otherwise in order, for instance, to create parades, operas or radio programs. For her it is not only a matter of instigating social processes, but also of questioning concepts such as public life and social responsibility, of finding alternative forms of narration and finally, of generating through community action a collective memory.

Marinella Senatore works with the media of photography, drawing, video, installation and sound. Her projects, that arise often in collaboration with museums and universities, involve entire communities in the creative process, such as a group of rappers in Harlem in 2009, Sicilian mine workers in retirement in 2010 or two hundred residents on the Lower East Side of New York City in 2011. In Senatore’s works, the spectator becomes a participant through undermining the traditional hierarchy between the artist as author and the public as passive recipient. By interconnecting personal experiences, collective processes, facts, fiction, stories and local chronicles, Senatore’s work participates in constructing an archive of shared narratives that promote the community’s cohesion.