From Linz to Horní Dvořiště and back:
Friday, 23 June 2023 from 12.00 noon

Act 1: Together with the programme board, the route from Linz to Kefermarkt was explored with exciting insights into the objects and projects in a TRAIN TOUR.

Act 2: Arriving in Kefermarkt, the official OPENING TRIP continued northwards on a special train.

Act 3: Opening in Horní Dvořiště with a performance by and with Peter Kozek, Vanessa Mazanik and Florian Ronc (An meinen Haaren möcht‘ ich sterben), interventions by Sladovna Písek (Water Research & Water Bar), Marek Borsanyi (Print & Glory), Mika Satomi (Indigo Hyphae) and Post Bellum.

Opening speeches (with Czech translation) by
Governor of Upper Austria – Thomas Stelzer
Deputy District Governor of South Bohemia – František Talíř
ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG, Local and Regional Transport Head of Regional Management Upper Austria – Eva Hackl
Festival of the Regions – Fina Esslinger and Otto Tremetzberger
Moderation and literary accompaniment by Jaroslav Rudiš

Act 4:
* Music performance by Tangible Music Lab (Linz University of Art) and Cindži Renta & Gotthard Wagner
* Departure with the FdR*ZUG from Horní Dvořiště to Linz with musical accompaniment by Cindži Renta & Gotthard Wagner
* After party in St. Georgen Ort (KV-Tribüne) with Maraskino, Edin Extrem and Moska

Documentation (de/cz)

Act 1 Linz –

Act 1 Steyregg –

Act 1 Lungitz –

Act 1 Gaisbach-Wartberg –

Act 2 Kefermarkt –

Act 2 Openingtrain –

Act 3 + 4 OPENING –

Credits Artikelbild: lorenz seidler


  • Fri, 23.06 | 12:00 - 18:17

    Education tour in regular traffic with a short visit to all projects until Kefermarkt.

    Bierkanzlei im HBF Linz Bahnhofplatz 3-6
    4020 Linz
  • Fri, 23.06 | 13:17 - 14:17

    Stopover and continuation of the train*tour

    Steyregg Bahnhof
  • Fri, 23.06 | 14:33 - 16:00

    Stopover and continuation of the train*tour

    Lungitz/Gusen Bahnhof Lungitz 24
  • Fri, 23.06 | 16:10 - 17:09

    Stopover and continuation of the train*tour

    Gaisbach-Wartberg Bahnhof