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FDR 2015

LichtSpielArbeit (LightPlayWork)

Documentary and short-film program on the theme of work

The Ebensee Cinema Association is putting together a series of films that approaches various filmic portrayals of the world of work. Past and present options are investigated as to the way in which topics such as labour struggles, joblessness, factory closures, restructuring, labour migration, etc. can be grasped or documented by means of film. The ‘imaging’ of work is necessarily conceived as a political activity; it always takes a position, interprets, elaborates, reflects, supports or counteracts prevailing conceptions. The program takes on four subchapters: Workers’ Protest Movements at the End of Socialism with historical contributions; Our Work with examples from the environs of Ebensee; A World Emptied of Sense on the effects of globalization; and Margins of the Battle Zone on the crisis in the labour markets.

In the first part of the project, documentary and short films will be shown in the foyer of the cinema which is set up like a living room, with a television set. The feature films in the second part will be shown in the cinema theatre on a big screen. The precise program will be published in May.

With friendly support by AK Kultur