Landgänge 2023: VOR > BEI

n:eam – Netzwerk europäischer avancierter Musik 

The eleventh edition of Landgänge took place in Freistadt and St. Peter bei Freistadt. After a concert in the Salzhof Freistadt in the afternoon, the audience was invited to walk along musical sign posts on the way to St. Peter. There were two more concerts in the Kalvarienbergkirche and the Filialkirche. The collective stay on the meadows between the two churches offered the possibility to talk about what had just been heard and for audience members to enter into a direct exchange with the musicians and composers.


The Landgänge 2023 were organised by n:eam, the network for European advanced music centred around the composer Bernd Preinfalk.


Performing musicians
Anja Schröder * violoncello,
Johanna Bohnen * violin,
Andrej Serkov * bayan,
Gerald Preinfalk * saxophone
Christoph -Radinger * harpsichord
Andreas Oberaigner * -Clarinet
Bernd Preinfalk * double bass
Alexander Jöchtl * Audio Processing
Felix Lindner * percussion
Christoph Herndler * organ
Jürgen Bonath * speaker

John Cage
Carola Bauckholt
Lisa Streich
Bernd Preinfalk
Åsmund Perssønn Ødegaard
Gerald Preinfalk
Christoph Herndler
Sofia Gubaidulina



Artist Webside


n:eam, the network for European advanced music sees itself as a platform for a description of location for contemporary music. The association for interdisciplinary support and strengthening of sound art is dedicated as a loose association with other initiatives for the presentation of new music and its representatives.


With support from the federal and state governments and the European Union.


  • Sun, 25.06 | 16:00 - 17:00


    Salzhof Salzgasse 15
    4240 Freistadt
  • Sun, 25.06 | 17:00 - 18:00

    Landgänge - Music-walk to St. Peter

    Salzhof Salzgasse 15
    4240 Freistadt
  • Sun, 25.06 | 18:00 - 19:00


    Kalvarienbergkirche St. Peter
  • Sun, 25.06 | 19:00 - 20:00


    Kalvarienbergkirche St. Peter