In Zeiten wie diesen

Nika Autor, Zhanna Kadyrova,
Wolfgang Obermair & Peter Fritzenwallner

The exhibition at the Gaisbach-Wartberg railway station showed artistic works that deal with war and displacement – and the period of waiting for better times that goes along with it.

Newsreel 63 – The Train of Shadows (2017) by Nika Autor is based on video footage shot between Belgrade and Ljubljana, along a railway line that also serves as an escape route. Drifting into a visual investigation, it explores historical, social and political dimensions of railways. Russian Rocket (2022) by Zhanna Kadyrova shows a rocket stuck in the form of a small sticker on the window pane of a moving train. In a video shot, the miniature rocket seems to shoot away parallel to the train, flying over the landscape passing by outside the window. Zum Beispiel: Leuchtendes Beispiel (2023) by Peter Fritzenwallner and Wolfgang Obermair is a series of watercolors created as designs for shadow theater.


© Nika Autor* koncna_zvok Newsreel 63 – The Train of Shadows (2017)

© Zhanna Kadyrowa Russian Rocket (2022)
© Wolfgang Obermair Zum Beispiel: Leuchtendes Beispiel (2023)  




Nika Autor’s artistic work includes experimental videos and documentaries, film essays, video installations, photographs, collages and drawings. Her focus is the exploration of invisibilities and inaudibilities in relation to hidden themes of the forgotten past and a silenced present. Nika Autor works internationally and is also part of the collective Obzorniška Fronta (Newsreel Front), an informal collective of actors from film theory and art practice.
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Zhanna Kadyrova works in a variety of media including sculpture, photography, video and performance. Her works are often site-specific and informed by malleable or symbolic properties of urban building materials. Zhanna Kadyrova, whose works are exhibited internationally, lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.
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Peter Fritzenwallner and Wolfgang Obermair have also been working on joint projects for three years. These are located on the borders of sculpture and performance and explore both artistic and social issues.
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