Archiv - Festival der Regionen 2015

Sie befinden sich im Projektarchiv eines vergangenen Festivals.

Looking into the Air

Flying messages over Traunsee and Ebensee

In the project, Looking into the Air by Bernadette Huber, the sky over Traunsee and above the festival town, Ebensee, will become a text-space. A plane with a banner will write the messages, “Looking for work 0664-5764444 and “Those who do nothing fly (out the door)!”, in the air. The topics of work, unemployment, doing nothing will be addressed in a simplistic way, through which the public is prodded to react to the search for work by ringing up. Job offers and reactions will be documented and fed into the festival’s happenings. The most lucrative job offerer will receive a free flight over Traunsee. The second message comments ironically on ideas about working and not working, being lazy.