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HYPER TASTE was a happening format developed by the artists Sarah Katharina Eder and David Kapl, that offered a varied encounter with taste sensations. It surpassed the mere culinary dimension and strived to stimulate the senses, as well as reflect upon the continuous evolution of culture and tradition.

Based on traditional recipes from the border region of southern Bohemia and the upper Mühlviertel – two areas that were long divided by the Iron Curtain – the project shone a light on the effects that this Geo-political separation had and has to this day on society and the landscape. At the same time it made the slow process of reconciliation clearer.

The shared culinary traditions of the region, shaped by local solidarity, exchange, and shared practices, form the foundation for the exploration and development of new possibilities of encounter.

Under the instruction of the chefs Martin Parzer and Maximilian Wagner, the participants interpreted traditional recipes in an innovative manner together. Ranging from a beetroot carpaccio with a pesto of wild field herbs to carp served on Schuettelbrot, from bacon dumplings to Bohemian pancakes with berries – a broad spectrum of meals were prepared in an especially designed kitchen in the festival zone in the Salzgasse in Freistadt. The kitchen was equipped with a modular cooking architecture that was specifically developed by the artist duo, that was able to adapt to the needs of the collective moment throughout the day, starting from the preparation process all the up to the final meal.

The culmination of HYPER TASTE took place in the evening, when the final products of the workshop were presented together with the compositions of the sound artists Natálie Pleváková (CZ) und Barbora Tomášková (SK). Their performances consisted of compositions that included recordings from the cooking workshops that were woven into noise and sound manipulations, as well as an electroacoustic piece that combined stringed instruments, vocal samples, and sound objects.

HYPER TASTE created a connection of sensory expansion through sound and taste. The sounds moved from shrill and loud, dissonant and nuanced, and enriched the meals through their interaction with the specific flavors, smells and textures of the food.


Idea, concept and realisation: Sarah Katharina Eder, David Kapl

with  Martin Parzer, Maximilian Wagner, Natálie Pleváková, Barbora Tomášková und Teilnehmer*innen des Workshops




Sarah Katharina Eder is an interdisciplinary artist. Her practice is shaped by her training in structural engineering and the interest in the relationship between bodies and spaces that goes along with it. Her works are situated between sculpture, installation, and performance and deal with social and spacial structures, as well as individual perception and the child-like impulse of play.

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David Kapl combines spacial installation with performative approaches in his works. By encouraging the audience to interact with static structural objects, these then transform into dynamic, social webs. In his concepts, the use of pre-existing materials plays an essential role, and so the language of the material is then transported onto a level of sensation.
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  • Sat, 24.06 | 10:00 - 19:00

    Workshop, happening by Sarah Katharina Eder & David Kappl

    Salzgasse Festivalzone Salzgasse