FDR 2021

Hallstatt_Underground_ Punk_Picknick

The underground is everywhere ­– this evening is dedicated to the musical underground, the raw, the rough, the snotty, the PUNK!

Kinga Dula: Melancholy rock and punk – performed by a strong, expressive woman’s voice.

The trio Cromulents is comprised of well-known musicians from the region – in short: PUNK!

Drinking ballads by Kaiserschmoarn will make you sit up and take notice with their unmistakable, rousing style: Dialect Punk ‘n’ Roll.

In cooperation with the kunterbunt KulturBunt cultural association and HTBLA Hallstatt.


  • Fri, 02.07 | 20:00 - 21:30

    Werkstättengebäude W4 HTBLA Hallstatt Aufsatzweg
    4830 Hallstatt