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Going to my shift

Night stories in Free Radio Salzkammergut from midnight to 6 a.m. and sleepless bed installation at Trauneck

The festival’s night shift is dedicated to those who work through the night, the classic shift-workers in production-lines, but also the truck drivers, bakers, night watch-persons, newspaper deliverers, nurses, waiters and waitresses, taxi drivers, prostitutes, etc. These nocturnally active people from Ebensee and environs are invited to the microphone to tell of their experiences with night work. The contributions will be embedded in the Night Shadows music program of Free Radio Salzkammergut from midnight to six o’clock in the morning in order to re-present the night-time conversations at an authentic time.

Apropos embedding — a photogenic bed sculpture with integrated radio will be set up in Ebensee to advertise the nocturnal narratives.

The conversations can also be heard on