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FDR 2019


A group from the University of Applied Arts Vienna will walk along the Danube from Mauthausen to Grein, carrying a frame comprised of vertical ties and knots. The project will connect people and institutions on this journey, who will – literally – link. In collaboration with both visitors and locals, the hike will progress along different stations. The woven surfaces, made from used clothing, will create temporary spaces for interweaving speech and actions on the topic of “Social Warmth.” The mobility of the structure will allow people to experience and negotiate the overlapping communitizing and excluding functions of the structure. The celebratory departure will take place on June 25th in the framework of the “Angewandte Festival.” The connection between the two festivals will be sustained through a live text-broadcast.


Ge_wanden is a project by Manora Auersperg, Jasmin Dorfer, Lena Feitl, Julia Herzog, Dieter Lang, Ariana McManus, Wolfgang Miksits, Alexandra Rodriguez-Breña, and Tanja Smioski. They developed this project within “Handling Material” (Material_handeln), a lecture by Manora Auersperg, at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

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Photo: Lena Feitl