Free Stock Sport

© Maria Czernohorszky

Ice stock sport has a long tradition in Austria. But because Austrians cannot bare to play the sport only in winter, another variant was developed to be played on tarmac (asphalt concrete) all year long. And as if that wasn‘t absurd enough, they even set up tarmac tracks and halls in their beautiful countryside.

Free Stock Sport provided the festival audience with a form of liberating counter culture for asphalt stock sport. Drawing from graffiti culture, the skate scene, free Techno, and illegal street racing, Clemens Stöttinger initiated a Free Stock Sport tournament in Freistädter Salzgasse.




The performances and interventions of Clemens Stöttinger always centre around seemingly banal and everyday situations, traditions, misunderstandings, and human shortcomings. Irony is an important stylistic element, however the art is not cynical, but rather encourages people to wiggle on through.


With support from the federal and state governments and the European Union.


  • Mon, 26.06 | 17:00 - 21:00

    Asphaltstockschießen with Clemens Stöttinger

    Salzgasse Festivalzone Salzgasse