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FDR 2015


A commentated fashion performance

In close collaboration with students at the Ebensee Fashion School, the designer of baroque total-concepts, Raja Schwahn-Reichmann, is designing a collection of down-to-earth clothing relating to any kind of work that is situated in a tension between functional and experimental, with a personal reinterpretation of traditional costume (including button-through dress, dirndl, summer dirndl worn without a blouse, weatherproof cape in outdoor quality for the lake and mountains), partly using metal semi-bodice and timber surrounding the body, also with especially flowing robe-ideas.

Thanks to the artist’s personal connection to a textile specialist from Ebensee’s partner town, Prato (Florence), exquisite fabrics from there were also able to be employed.
Under the motto, ‘properly dressed’, the author, Bodo Hell, takes care of the literary design, commentating and moderating of the fashion show, which can be seen on both Sundays during the festival with the participation of students from the Ebensee Fashion School.
Friday 19 June Hors d’oeuvres at the Festival opening at the Salt-works
Sunday 21 June, 7 p.m. Fashion performance at the Union Stockschützenhalle (Stock Shelter Hall)

Tailor-made music (following the wandering robes): Kati Hisberger (soprano saxophone), Amon Maly (jazz guitar)
Specially costumed assistance from Stefanie Wanzenbeck (lead-up, stage, documentation)
Project management Fashion School: Rudolf Steinkogler (director), Christine Stüger (department head), Carola Töltsch (class teacher)
Pupils presenting: Moser Rebecca, Hirner Katharina, Huyer Silvia, Ablöscher Alexandra, Eberhardt Anique, Schmid Olivia, Bauer Sabrina, Dostal Sophie, Reikersdorfer Kristina, Jakob Benjamin, Menschhorn Max
Tailoring: Payreder Michaela, Pirzl Katharina, Rinortner Susanne, Rogner Daniela, Salinger Selina, Staudinger Stefanie, Wimmer Anna, Wimmer Magdalena, Winkler Carmen, Yokoyama Lena, Zehentmayer Sonja
Raja Schwahn-Reichmann (Concept, clothes)
Bodo Hell (Literary design, moderator)