Festival Trailer

© Sara Piñeros

The trailer for the Festival of the Regions 2023 was created by the artist Sara Piñeros, who let herself be inspired by her journey along the Summerauerbahn railway. Her film Höchste Eisenbahn hovers between the various dimensions and connections of physical and social landscapes – and questions the boundaries between what is considered as natural and what is seen as constructed and artificial. Edited archive material and new materials of model trains are accompanied by the distorted voice of the artist.

It tells a story about the future of the region in which the Festival of the Regions took place, a future where not only the climate and nature could regenerate, but also the social fabric is enriched and renewed.


Text and Editing: Sara Piñeros Cortés
Audio: Alejandro Quiñones


The artist Sara Piñeros works within the realm of documentary film and analogue photography. Her work is focusses on processes in which memories are constructed from personal and collective archives.
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Thanks to:
Österreichisches Filmmuseum und Modellbahnclub BK 1951 Wien
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