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Excellence in Ebensee

A performance tour through the world of top cross-stitch performance with the participation of embroiderers from Ebensee and environs

With Excellence in Ebensee, the rich tradition of handicraft technique of the Ebensee cross-stitch meets the restless modern high-performance society. No matter whether it be a programmer or graphic designer, an entrepreneur or a manager, today’s high-performance personnel can learn a lot from the Ebensee embroiderers about time-management, work-flow, self-motivation and consistent brand loyalty. And wouldn’t the Ebensee cross-stitch learn from such a transfer of knowledge to boost their own innovative potential through positive performance stress, soft skills and a vintage-chic blog well-aimed at a target group?

In search of the perfect mix of homely handicraft and forward-looking cross-stitch competence, Excellence in Ebensee invites visitors and Ebensee embroiderers to join in creative co-working at the old Ebensee weaving-mill. Hung with precious Ebensee cross-stitch covers, the former factory building will be transformed into a new kind of world to experience cross-stitch. A transmedial performance-tour tells of history, the present and future of handicraft, whereby members of the public who are so inclined can also have a personal piece of clothing embroidered.

Zuzana Galliková (Assistance)