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FDR 2015

The excavation pit

Digging and brooding in shifts

As an earth worker, Maurer slogs away into an excavation pit in the middle of Ebensee, literally into the lower layers of Ebensee earth, with the aim of getting to the bottom of the world’s sense as a whole. Nearby, RADIO PST PST, installed in a construction trailer, causes words and noises to fly through the Ebensee atmospheric strata. Maurer will penetrate into the existential stuff with spade and shovel, wheel barrow and winding tackle, shovel it out, move it upward and heap it up. In this way she will work day for day into the lower layers of Ebensee’s ground, undermining with this apparently absurd enterprise any expectation of purposeful activity. Her senseless slogging-away, however, is not without sense: while penetrating into the ground’s substance, all kinds of thoughts will come to her and, to come to terms with the large scale of the pit, she will have to construct aids so that she can put thoughts and material into order.

As a complementary action to the digging, RADIO PST PST will further process the knowledge from the excavation pit, analyse it and throw it together with portions of thoughts from the minds of Ebensee. People from Ebensee will be interviewed about sense and nonsense, work noises will be recorded from various workplaces, local news will be diced and reassembled, etc. The daily construction discussion will be transmitted live regularly with a questionnaire including questions such as, Where is your mental construct shaky? How far does your sense reach? What are the clods of earth saying today? How long was the longest thought in time and space?

Radio PST PST: Nicholas J. Hoffmann