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Descending A Staircase / In Shifts

A scene from Godard’s Le Mépris will be restaged in shifts

Descending a staircase — in shifts: in the 1963 film Le Mépris by J. L. Godard, it is the actress, Brigitte Bardot, in a yellow dressing-gown who, on the island of Capri, descends a staircase from a villa to the sea. In Ebensee it is three actresses who share the role in shifts. For the length of a working-day, the film scene is re-enacted on the servants’ stairs. From the performances of the actresses, an independent film comes about which, from the next day on, will be projected in the subway to Traunsee continuously throughout the festival’s durations. The shift will thus be actually performed on the first day, simultaneously transferred to the layer of film and thereafter transferred as a film projection to another economic shift-level.

Actors: Cornelia Böhnisch, Berenice Pahl, Laia Fabre
Camera: Martin Putz, Nik Thoenen, Michaela Schwentner