Dead Monster Game

© Anatoly Belov

Dead Monster Game combined sculptural objects that were reminiscent of the limbs of monsters with photographs and videos that showed children playing with these monster limbs. These are fragments of a planned feature film that deals with a queer Ukrainian family and their survival during the attack by the Russian Federation. According to the script, the children have super-natural abilities and kill their parents who have turned into monsters, in order to use their cut off limbs as weapons in what are initially playful fights.

Through metaphorical images, the artist Anatoly Belov searched for possibilities to overcome the cyclical pattern of perpetually arising monsters. He views the idea behind his project as being a universal one, as it tells a story of generational struggles that have always taken place everywhere.

Postproduction: Heorhii Babanskyi



Artist Webside


Anatoly Belov is a Ukrainian artist who has been working with various different forms of media, such as graphics, video, film, performance, and music, since 2004. The main motifs in his works are homosexuality, sensuality, and his everyday life in society. Additionally, he works with the myth of the goddess Kybele, who he sees as the symbolic protector of all LGBTQI+ people.


With the kind support of the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sports


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