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To Work

Opening Hours

  • Fri, 19.06. 15:30 - 18:00
  • On artistic production

    As a complementary and supplementary contribution to the theme of the Festival of Regions, the Landesgalerie Linz is showing artistic positions dealing with work as a process of creation — as a self-questioning, as a laboratory, environment or as performative documentation. Work processes will be thematized and made into the subject of a critical engagement with self-realization and social status.

    Artists reflect upon their own actions, their sometimes apparently absurd procedures of working and generating an effect. Drives are here at work that often are viewed from the wider society not as ‘real work’, but as the crazy ideas of free thinkers who allow themselves the luxury of not having to do any regular, alienated, paid work for an employer. Self-determination, the unity of life, art and work, are artistic ideals which at the latest since the rise of neo-liberalism make them into guiding ideas of capitalism.

    “Artists stand for all those virtues that are supposed to distinguish not only modern entrepreneurs, but also their successful white-collar and blue-collar workers. They identify completely with their work or product; they are highly flexible as far as production-time and -places are concerned, and they continue to optimize both themselves and their work-processes.” (Tobias Timm, Die Zeit 13.3.2014)

    With works by Alexander Glandien, Urs Lüthi, Andrea Maurer / Frans Poelstra, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Klaus Scherübel, Mladen Stilinović, et al.

    Landesgalerie Linz in collaboration with the Festival of Regions