Festival der Regionen

Digging Up

  • June 7 - 16, 2013

  • Eferding (Austria)

Beteiligte Künstler

19) Eferding cymbals

The sound installation is an ensemble of ‘self-playing’, resounding cymbals of various sizes and constructions that are set up in the topographical form of the Eferding Basin. A hovering ensemble, metallically gold. The artistic cymbal landscape resounds with ‘field recordings’ from the town of Eferding and its environs. Thus, natural sounds are sent through the complex resonating bodies of various cymbals — a kind of historical estrangement from afar. A tractor becomes a church-tower bell. The languid summer breeze sparkles metallically. Contrasts of real sounds from the acoustic sound-storage medium make the connection to the present.

Thanks for friendly support: Laura Endres, Bernd Thurner, Moritz Cizek / Paul Skrepek, Martin Brandlmayer, Martin von Allmen, ELAK Wien