Festival der Regionen

Digging Up

  • June 7 - 16, 2013

  • Eferding (Austria)

9) Art Inspectorate 2

Art Inspectorate 2 takes up its post in Eferding and calls on residents to denounce any irregularities or report suspicions of any kind. It may be a matter of denunciations of art and culture; the neighbour’s dog or garden can be reported; the monopoly of a local bank, etc. Deutschbauer, Jagerhofer and Ungepflegt will investigate, and all reports will be followed up. On patrols through Eferding, residents will be approached directly; the duty room is open to all. In addition, evenings with social events will take place: the reported facts of the case and offences will be laid open to inspection and will be tried publicly.