Festival der Regionen

Digging Up

  • June 7 - 16, 2013

  • Eferding (Austria)

Beteiligte K√ľnstler

16) K. and the bureaucratic apparatus

How do you live in a country when your own way of living is somewhat apart from what is generally accepted and respected? Bureaucratic files are also the place for marginal existences in a village. If, up until 1974, you could be arrested and locked up for vagabondage, today it is mostly in administrative offences where ‘rural deviance’ is registered in files and thus made visible. In the present case, the considerable costs associated with an obligatory drain connection not only lead to year-long proceedings that are ongoing to the present day, but also to a series of other legal entanglements. This case constructed exclusively from the existing files can be heard as a radio feature/radio play.