Festival of the Regions 2019 – Social Warmth

(c) Andreas Gruber

The FESTIVAL OF THE REGIONS is one of the most distinguished festivals of contemporary art and culture in Austria. It has been taking place every two years since 1993 in locations outside of the urban centers and cultural hubs in Upper Austria.

With the topic of “Social Warmth,” this year’s festival focuses on a current sociopolitical issue. As a counterpoint to the widespread claims of “social coldness,” we want to give the stage to togetherness, empathy, and respect. Many of the festival’s projects will be developed with locals from the region. By allowing oneself to become engaged in something, taking part, getting infected, and being touched by other people’s life stories, we break down our personal boundaries and are able to open our eyes so that we can see the people standing in front of us. When enemies become friends, there is no longer space for coldness. That concerns interpersonal relationships just as much as it does lawmaking and politics.

The Region Perg-Strudengau

The Region of Perg-Strudengau will provide the setting for the Festival of the Regions 2019. With its 24 municipalities in southeast Mühlviertel, the region brings together a multitude of different landscapes and living spaces. A breathtakingly beautiful region extends from the south with its fertile, meadowy landscape to the north with its soft, forested knolls. The everyday lives of people in Perg-Strudengau are shaped in many ways by the preservation of natural resources, the fostering of the regional identity and community through an openness to both new things and newcomers (Zuagroaste), as well as through economic collaborations. With the “Region Of Awareness,” consisting of the three municipalities of Mauthausen-Gusen-St. Georgen, the region also actively and critically grapples with Austria’s darkest historical period. The Festival of the Regions 2019 will link all of these facets of regional history together for developing a touching, sensorial collective account of togetherness.

Festivalcenter Kriegergut








The Kriegergut will act as the Festival center from June 28th to July 7th. Alongside the numerous events and exhibitions, the Gartencafé provides a unique atmosphere for artists, the Festival team, and guests from both Austria and abroad to meet and talk. For more than 250 years, the Kriegergut has been associated with the cultivation and care of the natural and cultural landscape. It has focused on innovation and has developed into a green center of competence over the last few decades. The beautiful park landscape of the Kriegergut is complemented by an inviting garden café, which has both high profile cultural events and offers regional, seasonal and organic cuisine. Going green is important there. The breakfastin-a-glass is a particular highlight.

The Festival center will be open daily from 8 a.m. to midnight.

Infopoint und Festival Center
Garten.Café Kriegergut
Zeitling 16
4320 Perg
Phone (from 15. Juni): +43(0)670 4059029.

Here you will find:

Eine Tonne
Tod und Geburt in meinem Leben
Kriegergut OpenAir
Soziale Wärme im Gespräch

Fotos: Jose Caldeira; Kriegergut


The Festival of the Regions is a green event.


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