FDR 2021

With Love

Dance as a resistance movement, a poem of life and the voice of love. A performance by the Swedish choreographer and performance artist Efva Lilja, who has decided to dance until everything ugly no longer exists…

Surprisingly occurring short monologues in dance form, alone or in interaction with the audience in different locations in the region.

More Insights on the Project by Efva Lilja:

“We are supposed to live through these times with the understanding that it will also determine what is to come. Our existence, the world we live in, holds memories, experiences and dreams about the future. It is by encountering this that we come into being. I therefore choreograph processes of thinking, transforming thinking into linguistic and audible layers. I reveal the thinking within the doing, focusing on processual proceedings. Through the choreographed movement I speak of experiences, from experience, about the hierarchies that guide language, art and everyday life, about infrastructure, power and about who owns the right of interpretation. I work with the methodology of listening and thinking as practice; with text, imagery and dance, engaging in dialogue with others.

Attention. Participation. Experience. I train myself in the techniques of unmasking, bringing spatial as well as conceptual sites into dialogue with the contemporary, searching for enhanced living in movement. That is how our attention is sharpened. That is how alternative expressions are created. The act of living embodied in and through movement. We see, hear and feel movements that are space and time at the same time. That’s how our sense of empathy and engagement is stimulated.

We become active in the creation of meaning by using our own experiences, knowledge, intuition and reflection in our interpretation of what is happening in the work and between us as participants. This in turn gives us tools to support humanitarian values and an ability to understand the perspectives and positions of others, It gives us tools for strengthening the foundations of freedom of expression and the democratic society.”