Which artistic contributions are required?
Welcome are  applications from artists with various experiences from different genres who are interested in participation and inclusion as well as experts from the fields of education, economics, politics and social work.

Until when are the project ideas and submissions for Residencies to be transmitted?
Until June 20, 2018, 12 p.m.

How should the projects and submissions for Residencies be transmitted?
For us it is important that idea and artistic intention emerge clearly. It is also important to note, however, that the project, after a possible selection, can be further developed. Please use the online forms for the project submission and the submissions for Residencies.

Who will make the selection of projects and residencies?
With the support of an independent, international program advisory board the team and board of the FESTIVAL OF REGIONS will pre-select the submissions. The artistic director designs the festival program from the selected projects. All programmatic decisions are made excluding legal recourse.

How can I get an impression of the region Perg-Strudengau?
Here are some links and information about the festival region:

A Local Viewing on May 25th, 2018, 2 p.m. (meeting Point: Perg Town Square, please register at office@fdr.at) will give opportunity for a joint visit of the festival region together with the artistic director.

When can we expect information on the selection of project and residencies?
We aim to be able to inform all participants about the outcome of our election by the end of September.

Does the FESTIVAL OF REGIONS cover the travel expenses of the artists whose projects are being realized or who have been selected for a residency?
The travel expenses of the artists whose projects have been selected for the realization or who have been selected for a residency will be covered by the FESTIVAL OF THE REGIONS.

When are the residencies being planned? What’s the duration of each residency? What is provided as part of this residency/festival: accommodation / travel / production costs / fee / grant?

The residencies will be designed individually with the artists depending on the process they need. Dates, duration, budgets, etc. will be discussed in the decision phase to see what is doable or not.
Accommodation, travel, production costs and fees will be provided, depending on the type of residencies and the scope of the final presentation during the festival period. First phases of residencies for research may begin as early as October 2018 and continue until the more intensive creation period before the opening and during festival.

If I want to apply for a residency, is it also necessary for me to complete the online project submission form?
If you wish to apply for a residency, it is only necessary to complete the residency submission form. Please indicate in your text why you would like to come to the region of Perg-Strudengau, what you are interested in on the festival theme of social warmth and what kind of process you are expecting in the residency and in the work for the FESTIVAL OF REGIONS. want to go through.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?
If you do not find all questions answered on www.fdr.at, you can contact us by mail office@fdr.at. For project-specific questions, please contact Airan Berg: opencall@fdr.at T: +43 660 657 8101